About Us

My interest in breeding started when our JRT, or rather my daughter's, "Tillie," became an approved Jack Russell Terrier. She also went through a mental test, which she passed. We saved a bitch in Tillie's first litter for possible further breeding. Tillie went on to have three litters but is no longer among us.

After a while, I felt that my appetite was whetted. A Mental test on Smulan, the bitch I kept from Tillie's first litter, went well for my values. She is also shown with good judgment., second best junior at the JRT special. She is also eye tested and tested free patella. I now began to consider Kennel Name, and decided Sjöbolyckan's which was accepted immediately. I had everything ready in October 2006. After Smulan we saved Calle 2007 (male) and Nova (bitch).

Next bitch we had at the kennel was VIP Win's Tilda Of Olives which we bought in 2007 from Lotta Berglund in Hakarp, Husqvarna. Tilda later went on to have five litters of her own. After Tilda we have Sjöbolyckans Chili Piri Piri. Shown with great reviews and has brought home many bows. She has had three litters and is now living with our daughter Elin.

I had also been eager to have a Dandie Dinmont for a long time, specifically since the early 90s. So in 2008 I bought one from Strike kennel in Karlstad. Nicko was unfortunately hastily ill and we had to put him down in May 2010. He will always be in my heart.

VIP Win's Julia, is now one of our bitches here at the kennel. She was bought from Lotta and Kalle in Hakarp. Many thanks to you for giving us this wonderful Dandie girl! Liah, as she is now called, has gone throu Mental test, gonioskopi and eyes checked. She is also shown with great reviews and has received many fine bows, including a fine Championbow. Liah has now had four litters with a total of 18 puppies. Dads Isac, Bullen, Zigge and Alfonso.

Charming Dutch bitch Barely Legal Flying Dutchess "Holly" does not live with us right now. Manon, thanks for letting us bring home this wonderful girl from you! Holly has now had three litters with ten puppies in total., Dads are Bullen, Prince and Isac. She is eyechecked, gonioskoperad and issued with CQ.

Our little troll Ginger from kennel Strike is a lovely girl with a great sense of social competence. She simply loves everything and everyone. She is a small police here at home and likes to keep the others in line. She's now had puppies with our Joar and they are five in number.

We also have our quiet little Wella, the pleaser. Kept after Liah and Fairmacs King of Heaven "Zigge". She has a hidden talent namely breakaway queen on Sjöbolyckans kennel. Promising bitch for the future. Eyes and gonioskoperad and completed and is now Champion.

Our charmer and very affectionate Candy also lives here. She is after Prince and Holly. A little girl with a lot of go. It will be interesting to see what becomes of this lady. She also eyes checked, gonioskoperad and issued with CQ.

Dandieboy Bullen is now living with us! He has a great pedigree that can bring a part of the race I think. Full name is Nice & Dandy Casparian. The father of seven puppies. Eyes, gonioskoperad. He has also done Mental test.

My boy Prince from my first litter with Dandie stayed here with us. He called Sjöbolyckans Prince Of Purple Rain. He is now the father of Holly's puppies, which are five in number.
We also main Prince Joar out on co owner. He's after Bullen and Liah. He now has five puppies with Ginger. Eyes, gonioskoperad and set with CQ and CAC.

So now we have no JRT's living at home, but we have two females out on co owner. At home here, we now have six adults,  four Dandie bitches and two Dandie boy.

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