Short News

 7/11 // Our new star is home! Sealyham Terrier Bussy Buddy Irresistible Isadora "Iza" Welcome to us

 5/11 // Dogshow in Växjö Prince BIM with C.A.C.I.B and Wella 2nd best bitch with reserve C.A.C.I.B.

8/10 // Holly and Joar became parents. 1 bitch and 1 male. This i Dire Strait-litter.

24/9 // My darling Wella became Danish champion in Ballerup. 

18/9 // Ginger and Prince became parents. 4 Puppies was born. This is my Revolution-litter.

29/4 // Congratulations to my "Prince" Sjöbolyckans Prince Of Purplerain & sweet little "Candy" Sjöbolyckans Candy Crush Saga, which today performed MH at Värnamo BK. They now have known mental status.

New Year 2017 Up

19/9 // Java gave birth to two tricolor bitches.

21/8 // Today was my Prince Swedish Champion

25/7 // Ella has tonight got 4 puppies. 3 females and 1 male.

8/7 // Today was Ginger Swedish Champion.

11/6 // Wella today became Swedish champion. We were at North Älvsborg County Kennel Club Show in Vänersborg. Wella was BOS and got CQ, CC, Cacib

8/5 // Wella today became BIS 4 on the West Swedish Terrier Club show at Tångahed in Vårgårda. We also got HP in Breeders  group, consisting of Prince, Aramis, Joar and Wella.

27/4 // Puppies born after VIP Wins Julia "Liah"and  Willows & Guiseppe Verdi "Alfonso". = 0.5%. Four to number, three with distribution pepper colored small boys and a mustard bitch.

25/4 // Puppies born after Barely Legal Flying Dutchess "Holly" and S55746 / 2008 Zimyrs Post Man "Isac". = 0.8%. Four in number with the distribution of three boys mustard and a mustard-colored bitch.

20/3 // International show in Malmö. Results Prince: Excellent and third best dog. Wella Exellent CQ and Reserve CC and third best bitch. And an HP in breeders group, consisting of Prince, Aramis, Sixten and Wella.

5/3 // Östsvenska Terrier Club show in Sollentuna. Result: Ginger exellent, CQ, CaC, BOS. Wella exellent, CQ, 2nd best bitch and best youngster. Prince Very Good. Lotta's little Amullette Exellent with HP, Best Puppy 4-6 months. Aramis exellent.

28/3 // Liah and Holly are now mated. We hope for puppies in late April-May.

20/1 // Sjöbolyckans Cruella De Vil "Ella" eyes checked and patellachecked UA. Sjöbolyckans Jewel Epic "Wella" Gonioskopi and Eyechecked UA. Sjöbolyckans Candy Chrush Saga "Candy" Gonioskopi and Eyechecked UA. VIP Win's Julia "Liah" Gonioskopi UA.

10/1 // Sjöbolyckans Prince Of Purple Rain got Exellent Ck, CAC and reserve CACIB at My Dog in Gothenburg

New Year 2016 Up

10/10 // Strike Giovanna Ginger Glow gave birth to five beautiful healthy puppies. Dad is our Joar.

15/2 // Dandieclub is now sadly been in mothballs. There was none that wanted to set up and work on the board after all that happened the last few years!

6/1 // Liah became SUCH at My Dog in Gothenburg.

New Year 2015 Up

8/10 // Sjöbolyckans Jowett Javelin "Java" eyes checked and patellachecked UA.
Sjöbolyckans Prince Joar "Joar" and Strike Giovanna Ginger Glow is gonioskoperade and eyechecked UA both. Is so nice when this is done.

21/5 // Liah got this night 4 mustard pepper males and 3 females. Mother and puppies are doing well. The father of the puppies is "Zigge" Fairmac King Of Heaven.

13/5 // Holly got today two males, mustard, 1 mustard bitch and 2 pepper bitches. Mother and puppies are doing well. The father of the puppies is my homebreed Prince Of Purple Rain.

28/3 // Tilda got this night 4 puppies, two males (one white and one tri-color) and two females (tri-color). The father of these little ones are D.I Thomas Lynley.

13/3 // Chili became the mother of four boys and two girls, all tricolor. Exciting combination.

19/1 // Our Tilda is now mated with D.I ​​Thomas Lynley. Puppies will by the end of March.

13/1 // Our Chili is now mated to Chester. Puppies expected in mid-March.

New Year 2014 Up

13/11 // Our Prince has today made Gonioskopi and eyes checked. All without remark. Which we are very happy fore.

14/9 // Liah has today passed here first blood tracking in open class. Prince & Holly have passed their aptitude test in blood tracking. My good dogs!

6/6 // Liah gave birth to four girls mustard, a mustard male and a pepper male + a mustard bitch who died after one day!

25/5 // Holly gave birth to a mustard-colored bitch.

25/5 // Black Tower Of Calle moved today to the Klippan. Now we have only two guys left.

3/5 // Tilda puppies are 8 weeks old and Binz An Bratt has moved to Floda.

14/4 // Now she's here! Wonderful little Ginger. And she is just mine!

9/3 // One of the boys died today, sad!

8/3 // Today came Tilda and Calles puppies 5 males and 1 female + a stillborn.

13/2 // My new little Dandie girl is born!

New Year 2013 Up

15/12 // Chili today received five puppies, two males and three females.

6/10 // Liah has managed here blood tracking of predisposition class today, with praise and well accepted! The judge's comment "It was really fun to judge this dog"!

22/9 // Sjöbolyckan's cake "Tissot" was BIS veteran and 4th best male
a total of JRT-special on Gränna camping. Congratulations to Catarina and Tissot.

1/6 // Liah has got here puppy! His name is Sjöbolyckan's Prince Of Purple Rain.

13/4 // Hummer has moved to his new family in Skillingaryd. There lives also his father Bennie.

// 5/4 Mating between Liah & Isac. Now we keep a thumb dandiepuppies in early June.

7/1 // Been in Ystad and taking home a new Dandie boy. He is called Bullen and is 4½ years

2012 New Year and new opportunities

2/11 // Chili baby has arrived. Only one puppy was in this combination. Hummer The Only One is his name. No puppies at Liah. She went empty.

28/10 // Mymlan's removable! She has ended up with the family Hitz of Screw.

18/9 // There is still a puppy left